We use the most advanced and best tattoo removal lasers available in the world today. The lasers work by directing light energy at the tattooed area for a fraction of a second. This passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the dermis (skin) and disrupts the ink of the tattoo. Doing this allows your body to absorb the ink as it breaks down naturally.

Upon healing, the laser tattoo removal process leaves clear skin with no scarring, almost like there was never a tattoo in the first place!

It is estimated that close to 25% of the U.S. population has some sort of tattoo. Eventually, as many as 50% of them want to have laser tattoo removal.
Treatment with the laser varies from patient to patient depending on the size, and type of tattoo (amateur or professional). The color of the patient’s skin, as well as the depth to which the tattoo pigment extends, will determine the number of treatments needed.