Radiofrequency Skin Rejuvenation

Sublative rejuvenation is a new kind of safe and effective cosmetic technology that works on virtually all skin tones.

It is neither laser nor light-based. Instead, it harnesses the power of fractionated bi-polar radiofrequency (also known as gentle energy currents) to deeply penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production beneath the surface while keeping the outer layer of skin intact. Unlike laser treatment, this treatment is available for all skin types and colors.
Sublative results are immediate and continue to improve over the course of a few months.

  • Improved elasticity

  • Improved radiance

  • More lifted

  • More even tone

  • Smoother, more supple texture

  • Fewer acne scars, discolorations and sun damage

  • Treats any skin type, even with an active tan

What areas can be treated?

Areas commonly treated by sublative include face, neck and chest. However, sublative provides dramatic reduction of surgical scars and stretch marks. Please contact Glo for further information.